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Other than walking, in order, what other ways would you, a swell, make your way up the avenue if only there wasn't an excuse for not doing so?
drive skate ride on a bicycle sail drive ride on a trolley car swim
Who wears dungarees and can be compared to an early 16th-century painting, but with a hairstyle in which the hair is pulled away from the face, and gathered and secured at the back of the head and allowed to hang freely?
Venus in Blue Jeans
In what year did the University of North Carolina Tar Heels begin wearing the argyle design on its basketball uniforms that continues to this day?
(Answer not found on the internet) Decades ago, when I got a long and fairly deep cut on my arm after falling down, I went to a minor emergency clinic. After looking at the wound, the nurse said it'd require a suture. What did I say in response, causing that nurse and two other nurses to laugh uproariously (a comma after the first word, and a period after the second word and after the last word, since I can't remember how Trivia Ink handles commas and periods)?
Oh good I thought it needed stitches
What famous photograph includes two men on a motor scooter, one who was the cousin of the man that the subject of the photo later married, and the other the business partner of a second man that, decades later, the subject of the photo married?
American Girl in Italy