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What early-'60s hit song (hyphens removed for simplicity) was originally thrown in the trash by the songwriter after his unhappiness with attempting to record it, only to have a backup singer retrieve it and convince the singer who made it famous to record it?
Mother In Law
Whose untimely demise last week prevented her from seeing the final episode of Game of Thrones, 82 minutes of forgettable television that would have made her characteristic appearance even more so?
Grumpy Cat
What band is famous for a late '60s song in which the lyrics reflected the band's frustration at being holed up, miserably, in the attic of an old house in Seattle? Song?
Its a Beautiful Day White Bird
According to an early-'60s hit song, the sun, the sea, the birds, the stars, and even the singer's heart and eyes seem to be unaware that it's what? Singer?
The End of the World Skeeter Davis
WHO (alphabetically by first name) were the two players whose battle for an NBA scoring title went down to the final day of the season, with the player playing in the earlier game of the day scoring a career-high total, only to lose the scoring title when the player playing in the later game of the day scored his career-high total?
David Thompson George Gervin