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125 days 2 hours - 2022-06-012 / 2Groucho
What name is given to the narrowest part of the Eustachian tube?
Answer: Isthmus
Answered by: Justmetoo, Don
123 days 2 hours - 2022-05-311 / 9SuperNova
King Olav V, Giovanni Gronchi, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Adolf Schärf, _ _ _ ?
Answer: Charles de Gaulle
Answered by: Groucho
122 days 8 hours - 2022-05-312 / 3SuperNova
It started in 2003 as the story of an indie music nerd, but has branched into AI issues and what it means to be human. What webcomic takes place in an alternate-universe Northampton MA?
Answer: Questionable Content
Answered by: Groucho, Don
122 days 6 hours - 2022-05-312 / 3SuperNova
What is accomplished by washing beans in ethyl acetate or dichloromethane, applying supercritical carbon dioxide, or a so-called "water method", supposedly pioneered in the Confoederatio Helvetica?
Answer: Decaffeination
Answered by: Groucho, Don
140 days 21 hours - 2022-05-112 / 2Groucho
Champagne for my real friends,____ ____ _____ _____ ____ _____?
Answer: Real pain for my sham friends
Answered by: Justmetoo, SuperNova
178 days 18 hours - 2022-04-032 / 6Justmetoo
What was Mr Sowerberry's job in Oliver Twist?
Answer: Undertaker
Answered by: Groucho, Don
171 days 21 hours - 2022-03-242 / 5Groucho
What is the oldest capital city in the United States?
Answer: Santa Fe
Answered by: Justmetoo, Julie-O-Yeah
171 days 1 hours - 2022-03-242 / 7Groucho
How many children did the actor Charlie Chaplin have?
Answer: 11
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown
158 days 2 hours - 2022-03-235 / 8Spec
What slang term for a marine comes from the stiff collar that was once part of the uniform?
Answer: leatherneck
Answered by: Groucho, Justmetoo, Julie-O-Yeah, charliebrown, SuperNova
157 days 4 hours - 2022-03-235 / 6Spec
The highest frequency of visible light is perceived by the normal human eye as what color?
Answer: violet
Answered by: Groucho, Justmetoo, Julie-O-Yeah, SuperNova, Don
152 days 18 hours - 2022-02-252 / 4Groucho
What country describes their hosting of the Olympic Games as “the last real Olympic Games”?
Answer: Finland
Answered by: Justmetoo, Don
149 days 2 hours - 2022-02-231 / 3Spec
Women are satisfied after 6 of these, while men are satisfied after only 4. What?
Answer: selfies
Answered by: Justmetoo
149 days 17 hours - 2022-02-211 / 5Justmetoo
What garment is based on a name of the Middle English meaning fold or pleat?
Answer: Kilt
Answered by: Groucho
140 days 18 hours - 2022-02-141 / 7Groucho
Answer: Coumarin
Answered by: Julie-O-Yeah
135 days 14 hours - 2022-02-141 / 6Don
What are the surnames of the only two father and son producing teams whose films were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar?
Answer: Gori Reitman
Answered by: Groucho
136 days 13 hours - 2022-02-132 / 2Groucho
What city in France is said to have a mountain at the end of every street?
Answer: Grenoble
Answered by: Justmetoo, Don
136 days 14 hours - 2022-02-134 / 5Groucho
What is the largest landlocked American state?
Answer: Montana
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Darken, Don
116 days 9 hours - 2022-02-130 / 0Groucho
What is the name of the English composer who stated that a composer’s most valuable piece of equipment is an eraser?
Answer: Gustav Holst
Answered by:
108 days 5 hours - 2022-02-131 / 1Groucho
When was the last time that the Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year?
Answer: 1992
Answered by: SuperNova
108 days 5 hours - 2022-02-131 / 3Groucho
What was the symbol of the Vienna Secession art group?
Answer: Pallas Athena
Answered by: Spec