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96 days 0 hours - 2022-02-044 / 7Spec
The Keebler elves live in a hollow tree located in what fictional place?
Answer: Sylvan Glen
Answered by: Justmetoo, Julie-O-Yeah, Groucho, charliebrown
58 days 1 hours - 2022-02-042 / 4Spec
Indonesia shares 3 of its 17,000+ islands with another country. What are the names of these three shared islands?
Answer: Borneo New Guinea Timor
Answered by: Julie-O-Yeah, Groucho
61 days 1 hours - 2022-01-223 / 3Justmetoo
What island off Georgia's coast was named for a famous pirate who often visited the area?
Answer: Blackbeard Island
Answered by: Julie-O-Yeah, Groucho, Spec
61 days 1 hours - 2022-01-224 / 5Justmetoo
What U.S president saw the last cow in the White House?
Answer: william Taft
Answered by: charliebrown, Julie-O-Yeah, Groucho, Spec
61 days 5 hours - 2022-01-214 / 4Groucho
What is the name of the French architect who designed 141 entrances to the Paris Metro stations?
Answer: Hector Guimard
Answered by: Justmetoo, Julie-O-Yeah, charliebrown, Spec
61 days 5 hours - 2022-01-213 / 3Groucho
In Dante’s Inferno,the third circle of Hell is reserved for the gluttonous. Who guards the third circle of Hell?
Answer: Cerberus
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35 days 9 hours - 2022-01-214 / 4Groucho
What was the first fragrance created by Yves Saint Laurent?
Answer: Y
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33 days 3 hours - 2022-01-213 / 3Groucho
The Australian Open has been staged in five Australian cities and two New Zealand cities. What are the names of the two New Zealand cities that hosted the Australian Open in 1906 and 1912 respectively?
Answer: Christchurch Hastings
Answered by: Justmetoo, Julie-O-Yeah, Spec
31 days 10 hours - 2022-01-214 / 4Groucho
The Stephen Sondheim song “Send in the Clowns” was specifically written for what British actress?
Answer: Glynis Johns
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25 days 10 hours - 2022-01-202 / 3Spec
Mathematics: What number comes next in this series: 6, 28, 496, 8128, ______? What is the term for these numbers?
Answer: 33550336 perfect numbers
Answered by: Groucho, charliebrown
25 days 14 hours - 2022-01-194 / 4Justmetoo
What city was the first American college located in?
Answer: Cambridge
Answered by: Julie-O-Yeah, Spec, Groucho, Don
24 days 14 hours - 2022-01-194 / 9Justmetoo
What river near Sutters Mill did prosprctors find gold?
Answer: American River
Answered by: Groucho, charliebrown, Spec, Julie-O-Yeah
24 days 14 hours - 2022-01-193 / 3Spec
What is the only national capital city in the world that borders two other nations?
Answer: Bratislava
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29 days 11 hours - 2022-01-144 / 6charliebrown
Most popular Jelly Belly jellybean flavor?
Answer: very cherry
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29 days 11 hours - 2022-01-144 / 70charliebrown
Before this century, what was the highest grossing R rated film?
Answer: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
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31 days 15 hours - 2022-01-124 / 4Spec
What band's name was inspired by a 1950 Muddy Waters song?
Answer: The Rolling Stones
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32 days 15 hours - 2022-01-114 / 11Justmetoo
What nationality was Roald Dahl?
Answer: Welsh
Answered by: charliebrown, Groucho, Spec, Julie-O-Yeah
36 days 0 hours - 2022-01-043 / 3Groucho
Philip Noel-Baker is the only person to have won an Olympic medal and be the recipient of a what?
Answer: Nobel Prize
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Spec
37 days 15 hours - 2022-01-023 / 4Don
Who was the first actor to receive two Academy Award Best Actor nominations for playing the same character? Movies in chronological order (and ignoring punctuation)?
Answer: Bing Crosby Going My Way The Bells of St Marys
Answered by: Groucho, charliebrown, Spec
44 days 9 hours - 2021-12-273 / 3Groucho
Translated literally as “the shirtless ones”,what term was first used perjoratively by the press,to describe the lower class supporters of Juan Perón,before it was adopted as a badge of honour?
Answer: Descamisados
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Spec