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Coneheads: In the movie, we see a few seconds of an iconic television SciFi series. What was the series and the title of the episode?
Star Trek Arena
Lateral Thinking: A corpse is found in the kitchen of a swanky restaurant with strangulation bruises all around the neck. Also, there is a tray of perfectly round handmade biscuits ready to be baked. A detective says, "Well, we know the chef didn't do it." How can he say that?
The chef has only one arm
The 5 blanks are all anagrams of each other: Even the ______ of Catholic ______ ______ in the idea that ______ with ______ do not exist?
spriest priests persist sprites stripes
Two And A Half Men: Before cleaning toilets, Berta had a business selling WHAT? The business was located near a WHAT? WHY did the business fail?
donuts police station cops dont like to pay for donuts
Certain weevils? Certain molars? Celluloid? Component of yeast cell wall? Pharaoh's beer?
zyzzyvas zygodont zylanite zymosan zythum