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25 days 10 hours - 2022-01-202 / 3Spec
Mathematics: What number comes next in this series: 6, 28, 496, 8128, ______? What is the term for these numbers?
Answer: 33550336 perfect numbers
Answered by: Groucho, charliebrown
25 days 14 hours - 2022-01-194 / 4Justmetoo
What city was the first American college located in?
Answer: Cambridge
Answered by: Julie-O-Yeah, Spec, Groucho, Don
24 days 14 hours - 2022-01-194 / 9Justmetoo
What river near Sutters Mill did prosprctors find gold?
Answer: American River
Answered by: Groucho, charliebrown, Spec, Julie-O-Yeah
24 days 14 hours - 2022-01-193 / 3Spec
What is the only national capital city in the world that borders two other nations?
Answer: Bratislava
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, Julie-O-Yeah
29 days 11 hours - 2022-01-144 / 6charliebrown
Most popular Jelly Belly jellybean flavor?
Answer: very cherry
Answered by: Justmetoo, Groucho, Spec, Julie-O-Yeah
29 days 11 hours - 2022-01-144 / 70charliebrown
Before this century, what was the highest grossing R rated film?
Answer: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Answered by: Groucho, Justmetoo, Spec, Julie-O-Yeah
31 days 15 hours - 2022-01-124 / 4Spec
What band's name was inspired by a 1950 Muddy Waters song?
Answer: The Rolling Stones
Answered by: charliebrown, Justmetoo, Groucho, Julie-O-Yeah
32 days 15 hours - 2022-01-114 / 11Justmetoo
What nationality was Roald Dahl?
Answer: Welsh
Answered by: charliebrown, Groucho, Spec, Julie-O-Yeah
36 days 0 hours - 2022-01-043 / 3Groucho
Philip Noel-Baker is the only person to have won an Olympic medal and be the recipient of a what?
Answer: Nobel Prize
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Spec
37 days 15 hours - 2022-01-023 / 4Don
Who was the first actor to receive two Academy Award Best Actor nominations for playing the same character? Movies in chronological order (and ignoring punctuation)?
Answer: Bing Crosby Going My Way The Bells of St Marys
Answered by: Groucho, charliebrown, Spec
44 days 9 hours - 2021-12-273 / 3Groucho
Translated literally as “the shirtless ones”,what term was first used perjoratively by the press,to describe the lower class supporters of Juan Perón,before it was adopted as a badge of honour?
Answer: Descamisados
Answered by: Justmetoo, charliebrown, Spec
45 days 5 hours - 2021-12-212 / 3Spec
Leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis tree are used to prepare what popular South American drink?
Answer: mate
Answered by: Groucho, Justmetoo
49 days 8 hours - 2021-12-172 / 2Groucho
The last shot in an archery contest came to be known by what name?
Answer: Upshot
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
36 days 14 hours - 2021-12-171 / 4Groucho
What character in what George Moore novel,is addressed by a name that recalls a character portrayed on tv by the late Roger Moore?
Answer: Mrs Barfield Esther Waters
Answered by: Spec
36 days 14 hours - 2021-12-172 / 4Groucho
What letter only appears in the names of three U.S. states?
Answer: P
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
35 days 3 hours - 2021-12-172 / 2Groucho
The countries Italy,India,and Indonesia can be found in the subtitle of what 2006 book,that was the basis of a film of the same name four years later?
Answer: Eat Pray Love
Answered by: charliebrown, Spec
35 days 3 hours - 2021-12-172 / 2Groucho
What is the name of the volcanic plug in East Ayrshire,Scotland that was the site of both a real and fictional battle?
Answer: Loudoun Hill
Answered by: Justmetoo, Spec
35 days 3 hours - 2021-12-172 / 7Groucho
The Maltese Cross is associated with what Welsh rugby club?
Answer: Neath RFC
Answered by: Spec, Justmetoo
45 days 9 hours - 2021-12-063 / 3charliebrown
Milton Bradley produced a board game in 1985 featuring what pop band?
Answer: Duran Duran
Answered by: Groucho, Spec, Justmetoo
45 days 9 hours - 2021-12-062 / 3charliebrown
The video "A Long December" by Counting Crows features what actress?
Answer: Courteney Cox
Answered by: Spec, Groucho